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Charcoal Pencils

Μολύβια κάρβουνου για να δημιουργείτε δραματικά εφέ κάρβουνου στα σχέδια σας, χωρίς την δυσκολία που έχει το κάρβουνο.
Manufacturer: DERWENT
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For the traditional effect of charcoal with a little more control (and a little less mess), this is the pencil to choose. Natural charcoal particles are mixed with the finest clays to produce a rich, smoothly textured pencil with all the beauty and character of traditional charcoal in a convenient, easy to use form. Charcoal Pencils are available in light, medium and dark grades that can be blended together to create powerful and imaginative charcoal drawings.

Five easy to use charcoal pencils and a white tinted charcoal pencil, ideal for rich, dramatic drawings. Also includes free sharpener.