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Martha Stewart Scoring Board

Για να κάνετε ξεκούραστα τις πικμάνσεις σας, και να φτιάχνετε κάρτες, κουτάκια, φακέλους, mini albums κ.λπ.
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Score flawless, crisp lines in seconds when creating invitations, envelopes, gift boxes, and more. 

This scoring board includes an envelope guide with a convenient storage slot and bone folder. Board also includes a storage compartment for your bone folder and pens. This board measures 14x13in and features measurement guides along the top and side to 12-1/2in in 1/8in increments with groves every 1/8in for detailed scoring. Instructions for making flawless envelopes and additional project ideas are included. This board is constructed of plastic making it lightweight and easy to travel with.

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