You can select your preferes way to pay during checkout. If no payment method is selected, then for Greece it is considered to be Cash on Delivery. 

The following methods are available for payment 

  • Pay in Store (available in Greece only)
  • Cash on Delivery (available in Greece only, carries an extra charge of 2.80 Euro)
  • Pay Pal (carries an extra charge of 3 Euro)
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer (available in Greece only,  any extra charges by the bank burden the buyer).

For bank transfers you can use the following account information:


IBAN: GR23 0172 1930 0051 9307 7753 690



IBAN: GR80 0140 3900 3900 0200 2005 382



ΙΒΑΝ: GR64 0110 5340 0000 5340 0236 393

When you select to pay with bank transfer we can keep you order pending for up to 4 days, unless you specifically ask for more time. If you do not make payment within 3 days you will be reminded by e-mail. 

You can pay through bank transfer in the following manner: 

  1. Directly trasfer the amount from your account using e-banking or phone banking services. This is probably the best choice as it is very fast and most banks will not charge you anything extra. 
  2. Use the banks automated teller machine. There is usually no waiting and no extra charges. Keep in mind though that not all banks offer this option in all their stores. 
  3. Go directly to the bank teller and pay with cash. There may be extra charges

Please keep in mind that any bank charges burden the buyer. When tranferring money from a different bank, Bank Of Piraeus has an extra 4 Euro charge, so please make sure to add that amount to your order total.

You order will be marked as pending when placed and will be shipped once we confirm the payment. You can speed things along by sending us your receipt from the bank to, mentioning order id, date of deposit, deposit number and your full name.

We can hold on to your order for up to 3 working days in order for you to make the transaction. After that time your order will be automatically cancelled.

You can select whether you need an invoice or a simple receipt for your order. In the case of an invoice we will need some additional information from you, specifically Company Name and Activity, VAT Number, IRS, Address and Phone Number.

You order is considered payed only when  “” receives the full amount owed. 

In case of returns the company does not refund money but offers a coupon code with the exact amount to be used within a month.