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Liqui-Mark Colored Pencils 10/Pkg - Neon

These pencils will give any work of art dimension and depth.

Liqui-Mark Colored Pencils 12/Pkg - Metallic

These colored pencils are made to provide the best in quality and value.

Prismacolor Colorless Blender 2 Pcs.

Bring the colors in your artwork to life with this non-pigmented, wax based pencil.

Watercolor Pencils 50/Pkg

These pencils are ideal for detailing small areas and creating unique effects.

Charcoal Pencil Kit

These extra smooth charcoal pencils are perfect for fine art drawing, sketching, and designing.

Derwent 4 Graphic Soft Pencil Set

Derwent 4 Graphic Soft pencil set with 4 soft pencils, specially selected for sketching.

Derwent Artist Quality Watercolor Pencil Set

Special Edition Student Tin. 12 Derwent premium quality watercolour pencils.

Derwent Burnisher

Create a burnish or shine without changing the colour of your artwork.

Derwent Colourless Blender

The Derwent Colourless Blender blends colours together easily to help the artist apply more layers of colour and enhance the intensity of coloured pencils.

Derwent Metallic Watercolor Pencil Set

Quality metallic coloured water-soluble pencils from Derwent. These highly reflective and pigmented pencils blend beautifully to create vivid and striking effects. They are particularly effective when used on dark backgrounds to accentuate their shimmering quality.

Derwent Studio Pencils - Tin of 12

Perfect for detailed illustration work Studio pencils have a slim hexagonal barrel and blendable colour strip.

General's Little Red All-Art Pencil Sharpener

Steel blade sharpener and canister suitable for charcoal, pastel, colored pencils and soft core artist pencils.

Kimberly Graphite Drawing Pencils

Use these pencils for sketching and drawing to achieve a wide range of tonal values.

Kimberly Watercolor Pencils - Set of 12

Use them with a wet brush or dip the pencil in water and draw!

Kneaded Rubber Eraser

Γόμα ειδική για κάρβουνο, γραφίτη, παστέλ.

Koh-i-Noor Clutch Holder 9mm - Επέκταση για κάρβουνο, μολύβι, παστελ κα

All metal bodied clutch holder for lead and other regular shaped media.

Koh-i-Noor Eraser Pencil

Soft eraser in pencil form. Ideal for more accurate rendering and erasing.