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Pardo Rollers, 2 Pcs In Blister

Σετ από 2 διαφορετικά ακρυλικά ρολά για πηλό

Παστα Σκουριας - Rusty Paper

Completely new and yet already rusty! An exciting new color for creative designs in vintage style. Almost looks like real rust with a rough surface. Rusty-Paper, Paint used for colouring and stamping paper giving it a rusty look. For painting, dabbing, wiping, using pallet knifes or stencils. Water-based.

Concrete Creations - Concrete Effect Paste Grey

Looks like concrete, but it isn‘t.

Silicon Stamp Set - Adventure

Μέγεθος καρτέλας 14 x 18 cm

Silicon Stamp Set - D6 Font and Flourishes

Μέγεθος καρτέλας 14 x 18 cm

Silicon Stamp Set - Love

Μέγεθος καρτέλας 14 x 18 cm

Water Tank Brushes Set

Η συσκευασία περιέχει 3 μαρκαδόρους νερού - έναν S , έναν M και έναν L.
€8.20 €7.50

Sponge Brushes Set

Includes 4 pieces - 3 pieces 35mm and 1 piece 15mm

Birth - Stamp Set

The Viva Decor transparent silicone stamp are particularly good quality. They can be placed on the acrylic block and removed again and again. Due to their transparency, they are easy to place. Easy to clean with tap water Size: 14 x 18 cm
€7.90 €5.90

Acrylic Block Set of 3

Reusable stamping blocks with alignment guides.

Acrylic Stamp Block

Reusable stamp block with layout guides. Ergonomically shaped edges with handle grips make for safe handling. Size: 10 x 10 cm