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Παστα Σκουριας - Rusty Paper

Completely new and yet already rusty! An exciting new color for creative designs in vintage style. Almost looks like real rust with a rough surface. Rusty-Paper, Paint used for colouring and stamping paper giving it a rusty look. For painting, dabbing, wiping, using pallet knifes or stencils. Water-based.

Concrete Creations - Concrete Effect Paste Grey

Looks like concrete, but it isn‘t.

Silicon Stamp Set - D6 Font and Flourishes

Μέγεθος καρτέλας 14 x 18 cm

Sponge Brushes Set

Includes 4 pieces - 3 pieces 35mm and 1 piece 15mm

Acrylic Stamp Block

Reusable stamp block with layout guides. Size: 10 x 10 cm

Acrylic Stamp Block Set of 3

Reusable stamping blocks with alignment guides.