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Spring Garden by Rituparna

Γεια σας φίλες και φίλοι!

Ελπίζω να είστε όλες και όλοι καλά, να περνάτε όμορφα και δημιουργικά τις μέρες σας. Σήμερα στο blog μας φιλοξενούμε μια χειροτέχνη από την Ινδία, που ήταν RandomWinner σε μια από τις χειμωνιάτικες προκλήσεις μας.

Αυτή τη φορά, μας φέρνει ένα ανοιξιάτικο project γεμάτο χρώματα και δροσιά. Επιπλέον, αφιέρωσε χρόνο ώστε να μας το παρουσιάσει σε ένα photostep-by-steptutorial.

Είναι πραγματικά μια πολύ όμορφη σύνθεση κι εύχομαι να την απολαύσετε και να σας δώσει έμπνευση και ιδέες για τις δικές σας δημιουργίες. Σας θυμίζω ότι ακόμη μπορείτε να παίξετε στην πρόκλησή μας. Οπότε – γιατί όχι- δοκιμάστε κι εσείς να φτιάξετε σήμερα κιόλας ένα ανοιξιάτικο τοπίο συνδυάζοντας craft και φυσικά υλικά όπως η guestdesigner μας


It's a gorgeous composition and I really hope you enjoy it anfd get inspired by it. Just a reminder, you still got time to enter our Spring Challenge. So, follow Rituparna's way, combine craft and natural marerials and create a Spring scenery!




Hello peeps....this is Rituparna from "THE ENTICING CREATION" coming with my GD inspiration on Scraps N Pieces-The Blog. Thanks for giving me this wonderful opportunity, I am so glad.

I come from a small city Berhampur which has an immense historical importance for West Bengal but also for the whole country. 
I ‘ve been passionate about art and craft since my childhood. After completing my Masters in Political Science, I was involved in an 9 hours job, that could not give me mental satisfaction. Following my inherited know-how towards crafting skills, I started enhancing theoretical knowledge by attending several courses of Art & Crafts and Mural Art at Holy Child School of Fine Arts - Mumbai. 
It's long 16 years I am keenly attached with this crafting world through various artist, learning centers, sharing my creativeness with my co-workers. Little commercial deals are also being done by my establishment " The Enticing Creation". 
Now, I am settled in Delhi - NCR with my husband and my 2 years daughter. I used to get great inspiration from them. Responsibilities and subsequent work has now got doubled as besides my homemaking I do my craft work full time with shear intensity and dedication. 

Today I have my own crafty venture "The Enticing Creation" where I try my best to show my passion through my creations and next level creations like Tanjore painting, Marble minakari, Minakari painting, mixed-media, card making, clay modelling, coloring, layering, collage, decoupage, distressing, altered art and many more. My favorite craft supplies are always pencil and my imagination.

Now my project details..

First, I took a wooden log base and a miniature garden bench and primed with Prima white and black Heavy Gesso.


Then I used different texture pastes to create more interest to the surface.
I added some natural wooden bark and little stones. I love the riverside natural shaped stones.
I added some Moss powder, Ranger opaque texture paste and mini stones.
After that, I colored the natural stones with Prima military rust paste.
I colored the whole base with Lindy’s Sprays.
Then, I painted all spring wooden alphabets with chalk paints.
After assembling all the parts, I added some miniature grass, coconut sisal, handmade flowers and miniature succulents
I did some shading on the garden bench with Prima Μetallique Old Silver for a vintage look. Also added on some floral wire and water drops.
Thank you so much dear Rituparna for this amazing project.  It is so beautiful and inpiring!

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