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Aleene's Felt & Foam Glue 4oz

his glue is superior on fabric, silk, burlap, paper, trimming, decorating and jewelry, excellent for miniatures and was especially designed for paper crafts or when gluing odd surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, ceramic, paper, china, styrofoam and most plastics.

Aleene's OK To Wash-It Fabric Glue 2oz

A permanent fabric bond.

Artway Bamboo Dip Pen Set

Set of 3 shaped bamboo dipping pens for drawing ink applications.

Bi-Colored Colored Pencils 12/Pkg

12 pencils, 24 colors. Excellent color laydown.

Cinch Wires .75" - Black

This package contains two 11in long wires with 3/4in rings.

Cinch Wires 1" - Black

This package contains two 11in long wires with 1in rings.

Erasable Colored Pencils 12/Pkg

Features color coordinated erasers matching each pencil.

Half-Sized Colored Pencils 12/Pkg

Half sized round colored pencils are great for little artists while traveling.

Koh-i-Noor Watercolour Dyes Set - Anilinky Set of 24

Set of 24 dye based watersoluble pans (solid colour)

Liqui-Mark Colored Pencils 10/Pkg - Neon

These pencils will give any work of art dimension and depth.

Liqui-Mark Colored Pencils 12/Pkg - Metallic

These colored pencils are made to provide the best in quality and value.

Magnetic Photo Holders 2.5"X3.5"

Displays and Protects your Favorite Photos

Magnetic Photo Holders 4''X6''

Displays and Protects your Favorite Photos

Manuscript CalliCreative White Markers 2.5mm

This package contains two 2.5mm permanent ink markers.

ProMarker Permanent Twin-Tip Marker - Blender

A coating of Blender applied to your surface keeps the ink wetter for longer, allowing the colour to be more malleable. As well as this, it helps achieve the smoothest coverage, eliminating any potential felt marks.

Watercolor Pencils 50/Pkg

These pencils are ideal for detailing small areas and creating unique effects.

Yasutomo Pearlescent Watercolor - Χρώματα Ακουαρέλας - Set of 21

This stunning watercolor set is perfect for students, stampers and watercolor enthusiasts.