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The site www.scrapsnpieces.gr  is an online shop. Before you enter and browse our site please take time to read and understand the following terms and conditions that are in effect especially for the on line shop found at www.scrapsnpieces.gr. Please make sure that you agree with the following terms and conditions because browsing our site will be considered as your agreement and consent. 


Barring the excistence of a special written agreement, all the terms and conditions mentioned here are in effect for all the product and for all buyers - customers and any transaction that has to do with purchasing products from the on line shop www.scrapsnpieces.gr is subject to the following terms and conditions. 

  • The site www.scrapsnpieces.gr maintains the right to modify or renew these terms and conditions based on current needs and laws. The company is responsible for notifying the users for any modifications through the current website. Change of terms and conditions does not affect any orders already in place.
  • The site www.scrapsnpieces.gr is responsible for the completeness and validity of the information displayed on the website www.scrapsnpieces.gr as far as product specifications are concerned as well as services rendered throught the site, subject to any technical or typographical errors that have escaped notice or have occurred inadvertently or due to any downtime of the site due to force majeure.
  • The site www.scrapsnpieces.gr  does not offer any guarantee for product availability but does guarantee the timely notification of customes for product unavailability.
  • The site www.scrapsnpieces.gr is only responsible for fraudulent and gross negligence in the event of delay in the delivery of ordered products and for information that it itself gives or services it provides directly through its website.
  • The site www.scrapsnpieces.gr is not liable for technical problems that may affect users while they attempt to log on or browse the website that have to do with their own hardware suitability or compatibility with the site. Also the site www.scrapsnpieces.gr is not liable for actions or omissions by third parties to products and/or services provided through the website.


  • All product characteristics and specificationssuch as weight, color e.t.c. are defined by the manufacturing company.
  • You can place orders through the sales division of the “www.scrapsnpieces.gr” on line shop, which is responsible for packaging and shipping the products.
  • The buyer should be informed about the technical characteristics of ordered products. All information offered by us about any technical or other aspect of the product is by reservation. 
  • Available products are shipped within 3 working days. Delivery time depends on distance and the number of non-work days that are in between. 
  • In the case that an order is not executed as agreed, the customer has the right to cancel it.

3.    PRICES

  • All products have their prices clearly mentioned near them and include VAT and other applicable taxes, unless specifically mentioned. Our company maintains the right to change them at any time without notification if it is deemed necessary. 
  • The customer, by confirming the order, has ensured that it will be delivered the price at the time of ordering even if this has since been modified. 
  • For orders bound for destinations outside the city of Athens or especially large packages, shipping charges are adjusted according to the pricing policy of courier companies.


  • Goods travel at the cost and responsibility of the buyer.
  • We can not be held responsibe for delays caused by external factors (such as strikes, road closures, extreme weather conditions etc).

5.    RISKS

  • Once the goods are delivered by our Company to the purchaser, either to himself or to his representative or the Transport Company, we are relieved of any liability for delay, loss, destruction, theft or damage to the products or their packaging.


  • Issues of Guarantee of Goods and any refunds for any reason are determined by the relevant provisions of the Greek Laws and the provisions of the European Union Directives.
  • Every manufacturer is responsible for any warranty (including how to do so). We are obliged to adhere faithfully and without exception to all standardized and prescribed inspection, repair or refund procedures specified by him.
  • The only responsible for any diagnosis and problem diagnosis in the appliances are the official Technical Control and Repair Centers of the manufacturers and are not questioned.
  • The Greek and European legislation secures consumers' rights by laws and directives such as  Ν2251/94 (FEK 191/16-11-1994), ΑΚ §534, §537, §540 κ’ §554, §555 as these were modified by Ν3043/2002.
  • For any relevant information you can contact Ministry of Labor and Social Security - General Secretariat of Consumer / Directorate of Consumer Protection , refer to the web site  www.efpolis.gr, or call 1520.
  • The Manufacturers' Warranty covers only manufacturing errors or shortcomings in the device. Any damage resulting from dropping, dampness, negligence, maltreatment, intrusion by unauthorized persons or inappropriate use automatically poses the product "Out of Warranty" and the repair or replacement is charged.
  • www.scrapsnpieces.gr” must deliver all the goods in excellent condition. If a product is not in good condition, it automatically gives the buyer the right, to refuse to receive it or return it.
  • Refunds of products that do not have a problem are charged to the buyer (such as shipping, handling or control costs).


  • Up to the final payment of the goods, they remain the property of "www.scrapsnpieces.gr". (Even if part of the amount has been paid, the ownership remains with us).


  • www.scrapsnpieces.gr” can not be blamed for any harm that can cause products that it traffics and trades and that are covered by European safety rules.


  • For any transaction made with "www.scrapsnpieces.gr", the laws of Greece apply and it is agreed that the competent authorities for the settlement of disputes are the Courts of Athens.


  • Returns or product replacements are only accepted upon agreement and if the product has not been opened or used.
  • Also, refunds are not accepted in case of damage or damage to its packaging.
  • The cost of shipping, of all products returned to the Company, is borne by the buyer.
  • www.scrapsnpieces.gr”, reserves the right not to accept product returns when it considers that there are particular reasons.


  • By confirming each order electronically, it is understood that all terms are understood fully and unconditionally.
  • Any questions, clarifications or inappropriate understanding of the shipping, payment and warranty terms currently mentioned should be clarified by the buyer, further requesting details in writing.
  • In the event of any dispute, the addressee is obliged to notify it in writing to "www.scrapsnpieces.gr", within 48 hours of receipt, indicating the notification by registered letter or to submit it electronically by requesting a receipt.
  • In this case, the customer is obliged to immediately return intact all the merchandise and "www.scrapsnpieces.gr" expressly reserves the right to withdraw from this sale unreasonably.
  • www.scrapsnpieces.gr always agrees that it will do its best to ensure you a reliable and profitable market in every respect.

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